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Shoot interesting events around you on your Mobile Phone,
Upload them on Streampax,
Publish them on News TV Channels.

Streampax is an Online Marketplace enabling Stringers, Citizen Journalists and General Public to shoot and sell interesting News Videos to News TV Channels


News TV Channels always look for interesting News Videos from across the world

Streampax is a platform where both News Video Providers and News TV Channels meet and trade News Videos

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How Streampax Works?

Shoot News on Mobile Phone

The smart phone in your hand is also a powerful video cam. Shoot interesting events around you. Newsworthy videos are always in demand.

Upload onto Streampax

Once you shoot interesting videos, upload them onto This platform will carry your videos to numerous News TV Channels

View them on News TVs

News TV Channels always look for newsworthy videos and visuals. Your videos will find place in thier News Stories to reach large set of viewers

Worldwide reach

Show your Videos on News TV Channels

The main stay of News TV Channels is showing interesting news videos.  Even with many avenues of collecting news, they still starve for more visuals from all over the place to capture the attention of viewers.  More visuals catch more viewers. News TV Channels are willing to buy newsworthy videos offered by general public.  Streampax mediates this lacunae by bridging news video providers and news TV channels.

Earn from events around!

Shoot News Videos on your Smart Phone and get paid

Streampax is an excellent platform for those with flair for tracking news.  Using the smart phone in hand, interesting visual can be captured. Such newsworthy videos can be sold to News TV Channels across the world for reasonable price.  Collecting news videos and selling them turns out to be an interesting avenue for earning extra income.

Regular supply of timely and quality news videos is a boon for us. This helps us to cover a wide range of issues. Streampax has done a good job in managing and trade of such videos.

Nikesh Kumar
MD, ReporterTV

For Everyone

Built for Stringers, Videographers and Freelancers

Anyone who has flair for gathering News Videos can be a news provider in Streampax. Our robust ERP system manages all aspects of upload, storage, delivery and payment for conducting a professional trade of videos. You shoot news videos. We carry them to effect sales and get you paid.

Video galore for
News TV Channels

Streampax is building a large network of stringers and news video providers around the world.  TV Channels stand to gain from a great flow of news videos from us.  Register with Streampax and untap a huge vault of interesting contents.