How much can earn in Streampax

Many News Channels buy quality news videos. Many Channels can buy the same videos unless they are marked as ‘Exclusive’, which are sold only once with higher price. Since quality videos are bought by many TV Channels, Video Providers tend to make handsome income.

Earn by Working from Home providing News Videos to TV Channels

Streampax is a marketplace for News Videos. People who have flair for creating interesting news videos can upload their contents here. New TV Channels which are looking for fresh News Videos will buy these videos by paying the video providers. It is an excellent chance to earn by working from Home providing news videos to TV Channels.

As TV Channels buy their contents, Video Providers will earn handsome revenue from their collection of videos. The realization point is the submission of MOST INTERESTING QUALITY NEWS VIDEOS. One Video can be sold to many TV Channels. This ensures that video providers make more money.

News Channels can easily make out what will appeal to their viewers. News videos should be absolutely Fresh, Original, Breaking, highly interesting and timely. No repeat or stale content has a chance. The fresher and interesting the video, the better the chance to sell. Video Providers will have to ensure that their contents match the requirements of the News Channels.

News Channels will have e-wallet ready with funds for buying news worthy contents. Once they like videos from the preview, they will want to download the same to edit and publish for their viewers.

News Channels can download the videos only when they transfer the fee charged by the Video Providers. This Fee will be deducted from the e-wallet of News Channels.

Streampax takes responsibility to transfer the fees to video provider’s bank account.

While saleability depends on the quality of the videos, equally important is the price charged for its download. Channels tend to ignore or avoid costly contents. Ideally, video providers may charge extremely viable pricing for their videos. Lesser the price, more the sales.