Streampax Marketplace

Freelance videographers upload News based Original Video contents onto Streampax. These videos are made available to NewsTV Channels across the world. News Channels pay for newsworthy videos and show those as their News contents.

Online Video Marketplace?


Original News videos are always in demand. TV News Channels scramble for fresh, interesting news contents.

Freelance Reporters or people who have skills in organizing interesting news videos provide such videos on Streampax’s Online Marketplace for TV News Channels to buy.

Both buyer and seller of fresh news contents meet on this common platform namely, streampax.

Streampax is an online Markeplace of News based videos.

Why is a Marketplace for News based videos pertinent?

  • News Channels get access to a vast range of news video contents.
  • News, incidents, events, information etc are available from unrepresented places.
  • It is very cost effective to gather such news contents from freelance news video providers.
  • News from across the world be available at the disposal of News Channels.
  • Streampax verifies the credentials of video providers. News TV Channels get video contents from genuine reporters
  • Very less chances of news getting left out or going unnoticed.
  • News channels need not run around searching for video shots of incidents etc. Those will be naturally flowing into from a huge army or freelance reporters around the world
  • Since news videos fetch money for selling, many news reporters will take up this activity resulting in fair earning chances for a large number of people
  • News TV Channel viewers get to watch a huge variety of news contents from their favorite Channels, helping Channels to build loyalty among viewers.